Faro Barcelona was born in 1945. We started off making flex desk lamps, but little by little we started specialising in other lines of business. Our expertise stems from over 60 years’ experience in identifying where to manufacture with the highest quality standards.

Our solutions reach more than 90 countries around the world. Our philosophy is to have close working relationship with our customers, allowing them to enjoy our creations and perceive our passion for everything we do. We are a team of people recognised for our enthusiasm, professionalism and excitement. We are known for our passion, which we put into everything we do because we enjoy working in this company. We are a big family.

Designed for happiness

The objects that sorround us must help us live a more fully and happily life. That is just what we pursue with each of our creations. We design objects thinking about the happiness and comfort of the people who will be in contact with them. A design is much more than an attractive aesthetic. Our design speaks of well-beign, energy, commitment, respect and awareness. Our team believes in a design available to everyone. Achieving this challenge makes us extremely happy. 

Our desire is to become the travel companion of all your projects. And for that reason, we not only focus on teh creation of aesthetic designs but also functional, accessible of quality.